Silver tongue. Heart of gold. Lead foot. Aluminum laptop.

Anders J. Svensson is a freelance copywriter & creative consultant who supports his wanderlust and wiener dog by offering clear communication, an unlimited supply of ideas, and a cultivated brand of irreverence to businesses, agencies, and non-profits.

After spending his early career building a foundation in copywriting, content writing, technical writing, and corporate communications, he joined the creative team at Veer in 2006 and co-founded Calgary creative agency Uppercut in 2012.

Since 2015, he has been available for hire as an independent freelancer, while working on a variety of publishing projects and small ventures.

Ongoing Projects

Treasure League
Treasure League launched in 2016 as a recreational treasure hunting league, with treasure chests hidden throughout Calgary. Thanks to some generous coverage from Avenue Magazine and CBC Radio’s The Eyeopener, thousands of people have played.

Locked Library
Locked Library is a fundraising events series I create in collaboration with the Calgary Public Library Foundation. It takes the concept of escape rooms (usually enjoyed by 4-6 players) and reimagines them as massive live events for 200-1300 concurrent players. There have been five events so far, raising as much as $50K for the library in a single evening.

Terrible Interesting (on hiatus)
Terribly Interesting is a sketch comedy podcast, written by me and acted by an international cast of voice actors. It's puppetry on a global scale, without the puppets, sets, or felt burns — the leading cause of death amongst traditional puppeteers. There are 26 episodes currently online.


University of Alberta
Bachelor of Arts | 1993 – 1997
Major in English, Minor in Playwriting


Writer & Creative Consultant
Jetpack Creative Industries | 1997 – Present

Creative Director
This Is New | 2013 – 2015

Senior Writer & Founder
Uppercut | 2012 – 2015

Senior Copywriter
Veer & Corbis | 2006 – 2012

Communications Specialist
FortisAlberta | 2003 – 2005

Matrikon | 2002 – 2003

Writer & Editor
Hopewell Group | 2000 – 2002

Technical Writer
General Electric | 1998 – 2000