Hiring a Copywriter 101


If you’ve never hired a copywriter before, you might have questions about how it works and where to begin. You’re in good company! Most new clients are business owners, startup founders, and professionals — big thinkers and hard workers who have realized that hiring a specialist can help polish their image, refine their messaging, and grow their business

Why hire a copywriter?

Maybe you’re starting a business. Or you run a business. Or you’re a professional who gets hired by those businesses. You have something you need written. All of the information is in your head, you have a keyboard, and you can type — so why hire a copywriter?

For the same reasons you don’t practice at-home dentistry, build a car from spare parts, or sew your own clothes. Not because you couldn’t. (You totally could.)

You’d hire a copywriter because you know that if you want something done well, you want to make a great impression, and you have the resources to hire someone… a specialist will always produce a better result.

Just like you’re great at what you do, an experienced copywriter has had a lifetime to perfect what they do for a living. Anders has been a professional writer — working for clients just like you — for two decades.

How can a copywriter know my business well enough to write about it?

A copywriter doesn’t have to be an expert in your field. That’s you!

  • You provide industry knowledge and expertise.

  • The copywriter provides ideas and eloquence.

  • Together, you can persuade and market to your audience.

A great copywriter will listen to you, understand what you want to achieve with a brand or piece of writing. They’ll pitch you ideas about how to make that happen and then follow through with great writing.

Professionally, Anders prides himself on being a “temporary expert” — learning as much about a new industry, product, or concept as necessary to understand it and skillfully explain or sell it to the audience you’re trying to reach.

What does a copywriter do?

Some copywriters specialize in fields like SEO, writing case studies, or social media. With a 20-year career spanning technical writing, corporate communications, marketing content, scripts, and advertising campaigns, Anders has experience and versatility you might find useful.

His writing services include:

  • Ads & Ad Campaigns

  • Articles & Blog Posts

  • Biographies

  • Case Studies

  • Direct Mail Pieces

  • Editing

  • Idea Generation

  • Naming & Taglines

  • Pitch Decks

  • Scriptwriting

  • Social Media Content

  • Website Content

Still evaluating what to do or where to spend your marketing dollars? Anders is also available for hire as a creative consultant to listen, ask questions, and recommend a strategy.

What does hiring a copywriter cost?

There’s no catch-all answer, because it depends on the scope of your project. It’s probably less than you think or more than you think — but it doesn’t cost anything to find out.

  • Smaller tasks are billed at an hourly rate.

  • Other projects (like websites, naming, and taglines) are quoted as flat project fees.

  • Ongoing projects may be discounted by a percentage.

  • Monthly retainers will save you even more for ongoing work.

The absolute best advice is that if you have a set budget, don’t be afraid to say so — if Anders can’t provide what you need for what you’d like to spend, he’ll work with you to find ways to save time and cut costs.

How does a project progress?

  1. We’ll discuss your project.

  2. We’ll agree on deliverables.

  3. Anders will provide a cost and time estimate.

  4. You’ll pay a 50% deposit for the project.

  5. Anders will write and deliver on time and within budget.

  6. You’ll review the deliverables and provide feedback.

  7. Anders will make revisions informed by your feedback.

  8. You’ll pay the balance of your invoice.

When can we get started?

Anders would love to chat with you about your project. To get started, email anders@anders.ca or use the online form to introduce yourself. We’ll set a time for a phone call and go from there.